Excellent Heat Dissipation:
Significantly increases the airflow around your laptop to keep it cooler. This will prevent the laptop from over heating and extend the life of your investment. With the XT-Stand's 4-point support design, it increases the angle between your laptop and the desk.

Made out of high-quality material:
The XT-Stand is extremely solid and durable. Made out of 6 types of stainless steel and titanium alloy surface.

Raises your laptop up to eye level:
The XT-Stand conforms to health and safety regulations, making your laptop experience more comfortable and enjoyable for all day use.
Raise your laptop to eye level to avoid strain on your neck and shoulders. Raising the laptop screen up to eye level to best suit your comfort minimizes the reflection and glare.

Versatile design:
The XT-Stand is the smallest portable unit, while being fully adjustable. It will accommodate any laptop manufactured today from 12 inches up to 19 inches. Uniquely constructed out of heat dissipating material, the XT-Stand is also designed to increase the airflow to your laptop.

Shock absorbent:
XT-Stand is structurally solid to provide your laptop with a secured position. The rubber located at the tip of each leg is preventing your laptop from slipping while absorbing shock.

Ergonomic and comfortable:
In general, there is a gap between the laptop and the human hand, which causes our hand to be uncomfortable. By using the XT-Stand, your hands are positioned ergonomically correct to form a proper angle between the laptop and the desktop.

Easy to carry:
The XT-Stand is the smallest, lightest, and most easy-to-carry product on the market today among all of its competitors.
The XT-Stand stands out as being a fine crafted buddy to your laptop.

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